Church Logo

A logo is one of the biggest tools you have to brand yourself and identify your church to the public. Your logo is your flag, your banner, your street sign. It identifies and symbolizes your organization.

Why is a logo important for a church?

Our expert team loves to provide resources for churches working on attracting new members and being relevant in the modern day world. The perfect logo can update an existing church’s identity to the public and help new churches appeal to their first guests and grow their congregation. We partner with your ministry to custom design the biggest asset to your branding and represent exactly who you are.



Logo Design

A logo is the outward reflection of your church. It displays a recognizable and memorable icon that gives insight into the mission and character of the congregation. What does your logo say about you? Is it old and outdated? Freshen up your look at show the world what your church is all about. Our expert designers will help you create the perfect logo that looks great on signs, shirts, and business cards. Let’s start the design process today.

Design Call

Our first step is to get to know you and your ministry. We spend time building a solid understanding of what your church brand embodies and what your goals are. Every bit of insight we get from you helps us illustrate your church’s personality!

Strategy Research

This is where our expert team really comes in, we help and work with the church community daily, and are familiar with the look and feel of logos other churches are using. We look for ways to help you build a brand that stands out, inspires, and invites new people.

Concept and Revision

Based on insight and strategy, we form several different logo drafts for you to choose from. This is where you can mix and match different elements until you’re excited to have the unique, perfect one to represent your church. After a few revisions, we deliver your final logo files. 

Brand Guide

Having a logo built from scratch should be an enjoyable, creative process that ends with you having a great logo you can be proud to have on your website, shirts, signs, and flyers. We’re here to help you create branding that’s valuable and meaningful to your ministry. 

Logos we’ve designed

Are you ready to take your ministry to the next level?