Custom Websites

Built from scratch. Tailored to your vision.

Our completely customized church websites are built from scratch to create your church’s vision online.
We partner with your ministry to build you the perfect site that adapts as your church grows, ranks higher in search engines, and helps your church’s web presence be truly one of a kind. If one of our customizable templates doesn’t meet your needs, we’re here for your church and provide premium design and features with our fully custom websites.

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Discovery Call

Our first step is to get to know you and your ministry. We spend time building a solid understanding of what your church brand embodies and what your goals are. This is how we start the idea stage for your project. We’ll check out examples of websites and branding you really like. Every bit of insight we get from you helps us illustrate your church’s personality!

Strategy Research

Now we’re planning. This is where our expert team really comes in! We help and work with the church community daily, and are familiar with the look and feel of websites other churches are using. With a focus on highlighting your church’s vision and activities, we map out the website and perfect the flow for online viewer experience. We look for ways to help you build a brand that stands out, inspires, and invites new people.

Concept and Revision

We will map out your website based on discovery and research completed in the previous steps. Once it’s mapped out, we’ll so you our concept and get your feedback and changes. This is when you’ll do an in-depth review of your website project with the project manager. You can communicate changes to the layout, imagery, colors, and typography. Once these changes are made your church site is ready to go live.

Launch Day

There are many steps to taking a website live. Once it’s up we’ll install analytics, provide you admin access, then handle the upkeep and maintenance so you have a fast, reliable site. Having a website built from scratch should be an enjoyable, creative process that ends with you having an online presence that helps you grow. We’re here to help you create branding that’s valuable and meaningful to your ministry. 

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