This design’s home page showcases space to describe your church and tell new visitors what they can expect, followed by a Ministries Section, Photo Gallery, and space for scripture or a great quote from the pastor. With a strong font and bold buttons, Faith makes an impact on visitors and helps lead members to their next steps.


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All website designs are flexible, mobile-responsive designs that can be modified to make the greatest impact for your church or ministry. We customize the design of your choice with your organization’s colors, photos, graphics, logos and branding. Rename, add or remove unlimited pages easily to fit your style. 

We can have a landing page with your church’s information based on your chosen design within 24 hours of your order*, meaning you will have a live web presence for online viewers to find you while we help you finish your full website’s development. 

* (You must have control of your domain name settings or registering a new domain name)


Each design comes with the following pages 

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Leadership
  • Ministries
  • Blog
  • Sermons
  • Calendar
  • Contact
  • Landing
  • Giving


Hosting and domain registration/yearly renewal are included. See our monthly maintenance services for more details.