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Our Hosting & Support Program

Live Customer Support

We love helping our clients. We’re just a phone call or email away when you have any questions regarding your project or account with us. Reach out if you ever need help accessing or updating your website. Our program budgets in a few site updates every month to help your church website always have relevant, updated content.

Email Addresses at Your Domain

We know how important it is to have your church staff’s email communication be top-notch! We provide secure email addresses you need at no additional cost and manage the server they’re on, so you can access emails any time and anywhere needed.
Mobile, laptop and desktop compatible.

Domain Name Registration & Renewal

The perfect domain name is waiting for you! Your domain is your website’s address and is important to your church’s brand, we’ll help you find the best one available that’s easy to type, pronounce and remember so you can attract newcomers and reach your ministry goals. The cost of your domain and its annual renewal is covered within the program.

Administrative Access

As soon as your church website launches you’ll have direct administrative access to your site’s dashboard, this allows you to perform updates to individual pages, calendar, media gallery, events, etc. 

Website Training

We’ll train a staff member from your church on exactly how to navigate the back end of the website and its pages, making sure you’re confident and connected with your website so every single page can work for you.

Website Hosting

Churches need secure and dependable hosting with excellent performance and support. We host your website on state-of-the-art servers that give you optimal website speed, so your site can keep online viewers’ attention and attract visitors. 

Website Backups

We perform daily website backups, meaning there’s always a current copy of your church website’s content, safe and secure if ever needed.

Website Security

Your new church website will have security settings to help protect your website. We use Brute force conrol, IP Blacklisting protection, and other security measures to help minimize the threat of viruses or hacking.

System Updates

We make sure all of the components of your website are up-to-date and functioning properly.  We update all of the programs used to run your site, as well as security system updates and patches. Never worry about the administration of your site. We manage it for you. 

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